About SM Scott

SM Scott started in newspaper journalism/subediting in the 1980s, with various stints as a gardening columnist, book and movie reviewer and travel/feature writer. The next step is as an emerging novelist, recently completing a Young Adult fantasy/adventure with the working title The Quest of Jesse Greene – Heart of the Maya which is described as a cross between The Celestine Prophecy and Bear Grylls of Man vs Wild. A keen dreamer, nature lover and spiritual explorer, Scott lives in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland.

1 thought on “About SM Scott

  1. lorac888890

    Thank you for enjoying my Rave Reviews blog. And it’s nice to have someone from Australia here. The beach looks very nice from down under which reminds me of Men at Work. They had a string of nice hits. Mayan culture is very deep. And your novel seems quite interesting. I hope that you’ll read more from my blog and I’ll read more from yours too. Take care now.


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