The tyranny of fear

Be a light in the darkness.

As I sit on the terrace I feel the ominous winds of discontent. The clouds are grey.

I wonder how is it that the ideas of a few can dictate the lives of the many? Rules are passed to limit freedoms and quickly spread between nations without restraint. People are being manipulated into medical experimentation and turned against each other.

Have we forgotten 1920s pre-war Europe and the rise of dictatorships?

We are all born equal in the mind of Prime Creator. Your mind is a unique facet of the mind of Creation, of the intelligent organising force of the Universe. Tyranny is not the natural way.

Man’s laws are not Universal laws. Have we not learned from the past? When leaders dictate rules that seek to divide and enforce the population to act out of fear, this is enslavement. Lets heal the wounds and injustice of the past and not repeat them.

How did humanity allow the horror of the Holocaust occur but for the tyranny of fear and the inaction of many? Have we learned nothing in hindsight? Mind-control is not new. Advertisers have been perfecting it for years. Start thinking and questioning – Is this right? The decisions you make can have wide-ranging consequences.

Technology is separating us from nature. Take time out from it to reconnect with the real world. Nature is what really nurtures and balances us. The messages are there if you care to look and listen.

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